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You can download a YouTube video without a YouTube down-loader installed on your device (Windows, Java, Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS, etc)…
Please follow these few steps;Youtube-300x157
Step 1: Visit YouTube website (www.youtube.com)

Step 2: Search or Browse for the video(s) you want to download (e.g type C++ Tutorial for Beginners on the search bar)

Step 3: Click on the video (you can pause the video if you don’t want to watch)

Step 4: Click on the url (address of the video).
(e.g you click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfgcEjCd9as on the address bar (where you type the website)

Step 5: Add “ss” to the url (or address of the video) you clicked; by adding it after the “www.” (e.g. https://www.”ss”youtube.com watch?v=xfgcEjCd9as ) and press enter

Step 6: This will re-direct you to a webpage, where you will be able to download the video in different “video format and size” (e.g. FLV 240p, MP4 360p, MP4 720p, WebM 360p, 3GP 144p3GP 240p, MP4 480p, Audio MP4 128)

Step 7: Click on any video format and size you wish to download (e.g click on MP4 720p to download MP4 format)

Step 8: Save and enjoy your video! … and that’s it (shikena)!

NB: The website you will be re-directed to (i.e. where you will download the video) is NOT SECURED! So it’s at your OWN RISK!

Have fun Downloading!!

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