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Mobile-caution-300x221According to Dr. Davis, the following tips may help mitigate potential harm from cell phone use:
Children and youth under 20 shouldn’t use cell or wireless phones except in emergencies.
Keep cell phones turned off unless absolutely necessary. When they are on, don’t carry them in your pocket or against your body. Keep the back of the phone, where the antenna is, facing away from your body.

Use a headset or wireless headphone with low power. This removes the phone from right beside your brain.
Use your phone only when/where the signal is good. In marginal areas, it steps up its power output, so you are exposed to more radiation.
Text rather than talk. It uses less power and exposes you less. If you need to talk, use your phone on speaker, and keep it further from your head. If you place it on your lap, use a barrier (like a book) between your phone and your body.

Pregnant women should keep cell and wireless phones away from their abdomen, and everyone should keep cell and wireless phones away from babies, children and youth.
Whenever possible, Dr. Davis advises people to use a land-line for phone communications. Land lines work without emitting radiation, and will continue to work when the power goes out.

Until the safety of cell phone use is established conclusively, it seems the best approach for users is to err on the side of caution. The tips outlined above are practical and easy to implement, while enabling users to continue to enjoy the benefits of wireless communication.

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