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Opera Is The Fastest Browser


PC World, one of the most popular technology websites, recently took a more in-depth look at the top 5 browsers: Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Speed, convenience and efficiency are among the factors they compared in The best web browser of 2015.

For its “real-world test”, PC World editors used a list of 30 different websites, such as Amazon or CNN, and opened them in different ways that are typical for users. In these natural conditions, they studied how fast pages load in different browsers.

According to this test, Opera was the fastest browser. Opera 31 with no Flash loads pages in just 1.64 sec; with a Flash plug-in, it requires only 2.21 sec to open a page. It’s faster than Google Chrome 44 (1.8 sec and 2.33 sec, respectively), and much faster than Firefox 39 (2.6 sec. and 5.59 sec).

1.64 sec! That’s pretty fast!

Looking for the fastest browser? Try Opera today and enjoy more browsing speed.

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