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1.Your Facebook friend just posted a link: “Miley Cyrus did what at a concert last night?” It’s accompanied by a fuzzy image of a half-Unclad Miley. There’s even a comment—from the same friend who posted it—that says “You guys HAVE to see this.” But click that link and you’ll end up on a shady, virus-ridden website. Then it links to your timeline, repeating the cycle…forever.Scam-150x150
It works because … These scams play to our curiosity.
Don’t get scammed: The solution isn’t to never click links again. Just be mindful of links advertising shocking or adult content, because those will often lead to bad—not to mention NSFW—stuff. Still curious? Ask your friend if they meant to post the link. Worst-case scenario: They didn’t, and now you’ve tipped them off to a hijacked account. (more…)

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Mobile-caution-300x221According to Dr. Davis, the following tips may help mitigate potential harm from cell phone use:
Children and youth under 20 shouldn’t use cell or wireless phones except in emergencies.
Keep cell phones turned off unless absolutely necessary. When they are on, don’t carry them in your pocket or against your body. Keep the back of the phone, where the antenna is, facing away from your body.

Use a headset or wireless headphone with low power. This removes the phone from right beside your brain.
Use your phone only when/where the signal is good. In marginal areas, it steps up its power output, so you are exposed to more radiation. (more…)

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You can download a YouTube video without a YouTube down-loader installed on your device (Windows, Java, Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS, etc)…
Please follow these few steps;Youtube-300x157
Step 1: Visit YouTube website (www.youtube.com)

Step 2: Search or Browse for the video(s) you want to download (e.g type C++ Tutorial for Beginners on the search bar)

Step 3: Click on the video (you can pause the video if you don’t want to watch) (more…)

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