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Secrets to Avoid Your Facebook Account Being Blocked

The following activities and actions are prohibited by Facebook – 

•Posting nudity or sexually suggestive content

•Using images marked as SPAM by Google

•Posting content that contains self-harm or excessive content. 

•Giving hate speech or credible threats to an individual or group.

•Using a fake or imposter account 

Any account engaging in the above activities will be disabled by Facebook, either temporarily or permanently. 

So, how can you avoid getting blocked by Facebook? 

Here are some tips and tactics that must be followed by every user to stay out of the Facebook Jail

1. Posting on Facebook

If you share the same content in multiple groups at the exact same time, you’ll get thrown into a virtual Facebook jail. To avoid this imprisonment, it is recommended to leave at least some minutes between every post. 

But, if you don’t have enough time to wait and simply have to get the work done on time, you can schedule your each and every post in advance. 

There are many apps available that allow you to schedule posts minutes, hours, days or even longer in advance. Some of these apps are – Postcorn, Buffer, Postify, Hootsuite, etc. 

With the help of these apps, you can publish your content on multiple Facebook groups and pages and set up a time interval (of say, 10 minutes) in between each post. 

Remember, the longer will be the time interval, lesser will be the chances of your account from getting blocked. 

2. Be careful with adding and tagging the people 

The next tip is that you should know the people you add and make sure they know you as well. 

Adding unknown people to your Facebook account may be considered as a spam and it may also affect your image in the long run. Therefore, this practice must be avoided.  

For example, sending too many friends or group requests may be regarded as SPAM as many users don’t accept your requests and may mark you as a SPAM. 

This is because they don’t know who you are and why you’re sending them a friend request. Adding people to various groups without their consent also increases the risk of getting your account reported or closed. 

The next practice you must follow to avoid being considered as a SPAM is to never tag people directly in the photo if they have nothing to do with it. If you want, you can simply mention the name of that per

son in the comments below.  

3. Use original content over SPAM content

This is one of the most important strategies you must follow to stay out of the Facebook Jail. 

This will not only make your Facebook profile look fresh and unique, but also prevent it from being marked as SPAM by other users. Posting original content also helps to build trust among users in the long term. 

Using SPAM images from Google’s search results can get you into trouble. 

This is because; the images shared by Google may be previously flagged as SPAM on Facebook. 

So, if you use the same spammed image on your Facebook account, it will bring with it all the complaints it already has. Also, make sure that the images you use have a proper license and are free to use and share for commercial purposes. 

Also keep in mind that this warning or originality not only applies to the images, but also to the links and texts as well.  

However, it is not easy to find good images that are free and legal at the same time. So, instead of copying images or text, try to create your own original content to avoid getting into the Facebook Jail. 

4. Quit using the name of your business for a personal account

Many people operate their businesses on Facebook as a profile instead of a page. But, this is a very wrong approach. 

You should never use the name of a business or any other name other than your real name on your personal account. 

For example, you cannot create a personal profile with the name “Carey’s cupcakes”. 

Instead, create a personal account with your real name and a Facebook page with your business page. Business pages on Facebook also offer effective ways to do business via Facebook. 

Moreover, every person can have only one Facebook account. 

Therefore, if you have multiple businesses and want to promote them on Facebook, you can create multiple Business pages on Facebook from your actual personal profile. 

This way it will be easy for the customers to contact you and provide you feedback. 

5. Don’t act like a spammer

There are many actions that must be avoided to prevent your account from getting closed permanently. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of online behaviors that can send you directly into the Facebook Jail – 

    • There are many people who send friend requests to people they don’t know personally. 

      This can threaten the very existence of your account as those friend requests often go unanswered and sometimes, are marked as SPAM by the people. Therefore, it is advisable to connect with only those you know personally.

    • The next unethical behavior that can increase your chances to get into Facebook Jail is sending too many messages or sending private messages for promotional purposes.

     Facebook messages are meant to be used in an honest and professional way. 

     But, if you send frequent messages to different users, they are more likely to mark you as SPAM to get rid of those unwanted notifications. 

     Also, there is an average message usage for each user and if someone exceeds that limit, he’ll be possibly marked as SPAM. 

    • Promoting your own business on other’s business pages or personal profiles can act as a one-way ticket to Facebook jail. 

You might think that it is a good way to increase your reach and make your business visible, but trust me, that won’t be the case. This is because, as soon as they see your post, they won’t waste a single minute in reporting it to Facebook. 

    • Frequent posting on groups that are disapproving your posts continuously can also be the reason for your account’s suspension. 

     Therefore, if some groups are not allowing you to post your content, you should immediately stop posting on them. This is because they can report your posts as SPAM and there are high chances of your account getting blocked. 

    • Impersonating anyone is another action that is considered as unethical by Facebook. But, if you do, make sure to block them and their friends and relatives to stop them from reporting you. 

The Facebook algorithm detects all unusual online behaviors on the account and automatically disables it. Therefore, it’s your job to make yourself look as real as possible. 

Facebook states that “the speed at which you are acting and the sheer number of actions you have made are both taken into account.”

6. Beware of those who try to sabotage your Facebook account 

There will always be some people such as your competitors who’ll try to bring you down by reporting your posts without any specific reason just to harm your credibility and image. 

Therefore, to prevent your posts from being attacked by such trolls, you need to take some serious actions. 

First of all, block such people from your page as then they’ll not see your posts and try to attack them. 

Second, you can also report them by visiting their profiles and clicking the button with the three dots. 

Finally, you can even contact Facebook and explain to them the whole situation.

7. Control the speed to comment and like posts on Facebook

There are some actions on Facebook that can get you marked as SPAM-bot. It is a type of automated software, created to act like a real human, on social media. 

When you’re marked as spam by Facebook, you’re banned from doing various activities such as liking and commenting on others pages and posts. 

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to control the speed at which you like and comment on various posts on Facebook. 

This also helps in controlling the traffic information on Facebook, which otherwise would collapse if too many users engage in different activities in a short period of time. 

8. Not posting too often

Knowing the quantity of content to be posted on Facebook per day is important to save yourself from getting into Facebook jail. 

According to some professionals, 5-6 posts per day are sufficient to increase your reach and engagement. 

Since the motive of your posts is to influence people to visit your website and learn more about your business, it is not at all necessary to provide every single detail about your business to the users through your Facebook posts. 

Bombarding the user’ profiles with unwanted notifications can prove to be a direct invitation to the Facebook jail. 

9. Provide authentic and accessible information on your personal profile

The information section on your page or biography is very important as it enables the users to find out who you are and what you do. Knowing some details about you will make them comfortable interacting with you. 

Your personal information is the first thing every user will search for on your profile. So, it is really important that you provide complete and interesting information about you or your business in a really good paragraph to get the users like your page. 

10. Use short URL or links on your page biography

Posting the same link to multiple pages and posts is an activity that can be marked as SPAM by Facebook. 

Therefore, it is better to use shortened links on your page biography that not only helps in saving space and characters but also helps you to stay out of Facebook jail. 

There are many sites that can help you shorten URLs such as wp.me, bit.ly or goo.gl.

11. Avoid using scripts or automated software

Excess use of multiple scripts and automated software is a direct invitation to get you marked as spam. 

Therefore, it is suggested not to use these automated programs. 

But, if it is very necessary, make sure that you schedule them. 

After continuous scripting of 4-5 hours, give it a rest of at least one or two hours. This will help in convincing the Facebook that you’re a human and not any robot doing these actions. 

Thus, these 11 tips will not only save you from getting locked up in Facebook jail but will also save your time and efforts that you’ve put in building your facebook account of years.


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